What Does a Computer Consultant Really Do?

With the recent surge in technological developments, consumers are beginning to feel as though it is just as easy to replace electronics as opposed to repairing them. This is especially true with computers due to new programs and operating systems being released every few years. However, a pc consultant can help you maintain your equipment [...]

Training Your Recruitment Consultants – Will NLP Help Increase Billings?

When it gets around to training your recruitment consultants the main focus will always be on how they can increase their billings. Now there are lots of ways this can happen, from being more active, cold calling, emailing more CV’s, being. These are all very practical ideas that yield results. So what if your consultants [...]

Starting Your Commercial Finance Consultancy Business

In theory, it’s great if your business can suit everyone’s financial needs but unless you have the proper support, financial and otherwise, you can find yourself walking a very tight rope. There are commercial training companies that will not only show you the ropes but introduce you to lenders as well. I’ve worked with the [...]

Do You Need an Online Marketing Consultant?

For most small business owners, online marketing is done in-house, usually with a member of staff who has other primary responsibilities. That’s understandable; chances are you don’t have the budget to pay someone to focus solely on marketing – online and offline – full time. But what this often results in is a haphazard job. [...]

How IT Consulting Groups Help Companies Protect Organizational Continuity

Organizations recognize that any server or hardware downtime threatens continuity and leads to a waste of organizational funds and resources. Lost data must be input again when systems are restored and salaried employees are still paid during a downtime, even when they are unable to work. Organizations can create a disaster recovery plan to ensure [...]